Making Waxyz. Part One.

When I set out on this adventure to make Waxyz , just over a year ago, I could never have imagined that I would have so many adventures, learn so much and meet so many fantastic and supportive people and businesses who have helped me along the way.

I thought it would be quite fun to share some of the rollercoaster journey with you. I might decide to write about anything from "The history of waxing in Scotland" to "Ideas to reduce single use plastic" to "Going to a trade show for the first time".

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Just one thing though.. before I ramble on about all the new things and people I have discovered, met and learnt about I want to do a big shout out to the old ones. My family and my friends have been HUGE. The support and encouragement I have had has been phenonomal, and practical. I couldn't have done it without you. My heartfelt thanks.

off we go..

From the outset I knew I wanted to make Waxyz unique, I wanted a fresh and contemporary look and I wanted to be able to make bespoke and branded product. So to make my Waxyz I needed a digital printer.

I also knew that I wanted to keep as much of the manufacturing in the UK as possible. Sure, its cheeper overseas, but I wanted to work with British businesses. That felt important to me. 

The Haddow group in Bradford are "a family run business with traditional values and a big vision to inspire and innovate". Not just that though, Haddows use eco-friendly digital printing and are happy to do small runs. My perfect printing buddies. 


Part One

Last week, ahead of the full launch of the Waxyz with all the new logos, branding and packaging I was lucky enough to go and visit the team at Haddows to find out more.

Firstly , the building. WOW. Home Haddow is a glorious industrial cathedral in Bradford, with the best staff cafe I have ever seen. I Loved it.


then it was onto the work for the day.

I was looked after by Chris, the digital printer, who was a hero. With over 20 years experience he knows his stuff and happily guided me through the process and the tools of his trade.

Digital printing is basically a giant print head, just like your printer at home, which prints your design and images in really much the same way. Pixel printing with the very latest technology which delivers excellent results in a very eco friendly manner. 


Poor Chris. I spent all day watching the machine wiz back and forth creating the designs. It was rather hypnotic. But it was also thrilling to see it months of work come to life. Plus, all the brand sample and the very special commission for Dundee Design Festival ( of which more to come in another update !)

I have included some sneak previews here..


After the printing comes the baking. Sadly not cakes. The printed rolls of fabric are loaded onto another machine, Chris has an interesting technique for this involving an office chair, and then heated to fix and dry the colour. 

And thats it.

Part one of making Waxyz

My sincere thanks to Tristan, Chris and everyone at Haddows.