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Cheese in the fridge

I bet the fridge is a central feature, whether its stand alone, built in or a great big double 'American' style we all have one. It keeps our dairy cool, our drinks chilled ( Important !) our ingredients fresh and tasty; it’s certainly something we take for granted. And yet, even a few generations ago people didn’t have fridges. They didn’t even exist.

How did they store food before refrigeration and plastic?

For hundreds of years, many people stored their food in ‘cold’ rooms such as basements or pantries. While not as effective as a modern fridge, it certainly helped food to last longer. Salting and pickling were also time-tested methods. However, cold environments and preserving in jars couldn’t always prevent food going bad, especially before the mid-1800s, because pasteurisation hadn’t yet been invented and food spoiled very easily and become bacteria ridden, especially when left ‘out in the open’.

There has been one food preservation method that was a popular method for preserving food for thousands of years, Wax cloth.

The history of waxing fabric for various uses can be traced back to the time of the Egyptians.

The first use of wax coated fabric being used to preserve food so that it wouldn’t go bad was documented in the early 20th century. It allows vegetables, fruit and other perishable goods to last longer than it would have done had it been left out in the open and provided a versatile alternative for clay and glass vessels.


Why have waxed wraps become popular again today?

With the advancement of modern inventions, came one creation that is as un-eco-friendly as anything can get: plastic. When plastic wrap hit the shelves in the late 1940s, it become ‘the’ way to wrap up and preserve food.

While it wasn’t well known at the time, plastic wrap is pretty nasty stuff; it is one of the worst things on the planet for the environment.

Waxyz wraps keep a large range of food fresh and are very easy to apply and wrap.

The need to use plastic wrap is eliminated, and as Waxyz wraps have a lifespan of at least 12 months if looked after properly, they will be a go-to you can rely on every day, helping you reduce food waste so saving your pocket too.

They also make your kitchen, fridge and lunch box so much prettier, which is always a pleasing bonus!



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