Bplasticfree Bathroom

The kitchen is often the first place in the home where we start to reduce plastic waste and rightly so! But the bathroom is also often full of unnecessary plastic waste.

Its time to ditch the bottles and reach for the bars.
We have launched a small, handmade, hand picked collection of eco friendly plastic free bathroom essentials to complement our Waxyz wraps.
Inspired by the sea and our friends at ethical vanilliaim our facial and body soap bars have been made exclusively for us by the wonderful Och Vegan. They smell as beautiful as they look!
To complement our new handmade soap bars we asked our friends at the famous Crail Pottery to craft the perfect soap dishes for us.
And perfect they are.
Dundee, where our Waxyz wraps are made, was once the world capital for Jute. Sadly no more, but a few small businesses keep world of Jute alive. Our environmentally friendly and fully compostable exfoliating bath mitts have been made for us by Jute Jute in Dundee
Spend over £50 across our store to receive a free Bplasticfree organic cotton tote bag.
Jute Bath Mitt