Handmade Soap

Solid soap bars are staging a comeback.

Since the 1980’s when liquid soap was first mass produced and the pump dispenser was born the simple bar became largely confined to granny’s bathroom and hotel rooms.

But recently all that has changed with swapping to solid soap bars becoming a popular simple and easy swap if you are trying to be more sustainable and reduce your use of single use plastic.

It was one of the first swaps I made.

And so at Bplasticfree HQ, having made that swap, we realised that Waxyz were perfect for wrapping soap and shampoo bars, especially when you are travelling or going to the gym.  No more soggy soap or plastic bags. Just wrap and go, letting the Waxyz keep the moisture in.

The obvious next step was to then make our own soap 

And so began the collaboration with OchVegan 

Seascape soap and Vanilla Soap made with ethical vanilla from our friends at Vanillaism 

Our gorgeous handmade bars are super 150g size fantastic plastic-free alternative and will last for months.

Your stunning soap comes wrapped in its very own co-ordinating Waxyz wrap to keep the moisture in and an organic cotton drawstring bag so that you can take them with you wherever you go.

Perfect for travelling and the gym