Large 32cm x 32cm

A large Waxyz wrap is a really useful size,

Perfect for storing and preserving salads, a loaf of bread, a great big sandwich or a family casserole. Made from 100% cotton and a unique blended wax, the wraps can be reused, are odour neutral and eco and vegan friendly.

32cm x 32cm

Large red dotty Waxyz a plasticfree alternative to cling film for keeping food fresher for longer.
Go Dotty - Red - Large - Bplasticfree
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Large Orange Dotty reusable wax wrap by Waxyz. An environmentally alternative to cling film.
Go Dotty - Orange - Large - Bplasticfree
Large yellow dotty Waxyz food wrap. An eco and vegan friendly alternative to cling film
Wax wrap by Waxyz in yellow dotty design
Waxyz reusable wax food wrap in red diamond
Diamonds - Red and Blue - Large - Bplasticfree
Reusable red leaf Waxyz wax wrap for keeping food fresher. An eco friendly cling film alternative
Red leaf reusable wax wrap by Waxyz
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keeping food fresher for longer with a Waxyz wax wrap in orange leaf design. An eco and vegan friendly alternative to cling film.
Waxyz food wraps in Orange leaf design
yellow leaf sandwich wrap by Waxyz to keep sandwiches fresher for longer
Yellow leaf waxyz wrap. an eco friendly altrnative to cling film.
Red Daisy reusable food wrap which is eco and vegan friendly by Waxyz.
Waxyz Red Daisy wax food wrap
Daisy blue reusable vegan friendly food wax wrap by Waxyz
Waxyz reusable food wrap in Blue Daisy
Keep salads fresher for longer with orange daisy Waxyz wraps
Daisy Orange large reusable wax wrap
A sandwich waxyz wrap in yellow daisy design. A reusable alternative to cling film.
Waxyz reusable food wrap in yellow daisy