Waxyz Reusable Wax Food Wraps

Here at Bplasticfree we believe everyone can make changes to reduce their impact on the planet and a great place to start is in the kitchen

One simple switch to reduce your plastic waste is to move away from cling film.

More then 745,000 miles of cling time is used the the UK alone every year, that's enoughtowrap around the world 30 timesand as its so hard to recycle almost all of it ens up in landfill where it is estimated it takes up to 400 years to degrade. 

If you’re eco-conscious our reusable Waxyz wraps are the way to go.

You can use your Waxyz wraps for so many great things, from wrapping sandwiches, snacks and cheese to covering a loaf of fresh bread to storage in your fridge.

Waxyz really are the ideal alternative for cling film as not only are the great for the planet but they also keep your food fresher longer and so help cut down on food waste too.

 Our Waxyz wraps are available in 4 sizes, 4 colours and 4 co-ordinated designs which are just as lovely as each other (we have a hard time deciding which to use, daily!).

We offer single wraps, different mixed pack varieties and a roll, meaning you can have a few of our favourite patterned wraps in your kitchen

Nothing to loose and a planet to save. its time to Bplasticfree