Small 18cm x 24cm

Start to Bplasticfree for just the same price as a cup of coffee on the highstreet.

This small size is enough to wrap half an avocado, a small piece of cheese, some snacks or a piece of fruit.

Switch to a reusable cling film replacement and also keep your food fresh for longer .

Reusable wax wrap by Waxyz in red dotty design
Go Dotty - Red - Small - Bplasticfree
Waxyz reusable small food wrap by Bplasticfree
Go Dotty - Blue - Small - Bplasticfree
Small Waxyz vegan and eco friendly wax food wrap in Orange dotty design by Bplasticfree.
Orange Dotty Waxyz vegan friendly reusable food wrap.
Small yellow dotty reusable Waxyz food wrap. An eco and vegan friendly  alternative to cling film to keep food fresher for longer
Yellow Dotty Waxyz wrap. Be plasticfree and use a wax wrap as an alternative to cling film
Wax wrap for keeping food fresher for longer by Waxyz. A plasticfree alternative to cling film.
Red leaf reusable wax wrap in size small
Keep lemons fresh with leaf blue waxyz wrap.
Blue leaf Waxyz wrap by bplasticfree. Keeps food fresher for longer and is eco and vegan friendly.
keeping cheese fresher for longer with orange leaf reusable waxyz wraps
Orange Waxyz wraps as an alternative to cling film
Waxyz wrap in yellow leaf design to be used as an eco and vegan friendly alternative to cling film,
small reuasable waxyz wrap in yellow leaf
Small Waxyz in red daisy by Bplasticfree
Waxyz Red Daisy Design
Blue daisy waxyz wrap with lemons
Waxyz blue daisy small wax wrap
Daisy Waxyz food wrap in Small Orange.
Daisy Waxyz wrap by Bplasticfree
Small yellow Daisy Waxyz wrap
Yellow Daisy Waxyz wrap by Bplasticfree Ltd
Waxzy eco friendly reusable wax wrap
Diamonds - Red and Blue - Small - Bplasticfree