The story of Bplasticfree and Waxyz


I am Catriona and this is my business Bplasticfree. I am from Glasgow in Scotland and now live in the village of Crail in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife.


I thought you might like to know the story behind Bplasticfree and the adventures of the past year or so.. so here it is..

After 21 years-ish working for a a well known retailer who is Never Knowingly Undersold I took voluntary redundancy in 2018. I had been there a long time, so it was a big change and I didn't really have a long term plan. I did however have an exciting short term plan: the reward for the previous 21 years was a 9 week holiday in New Zealand and Australia.

And there it is.
The beginning and end of my story. 
The stars aligned.

On my very first day in Auckland I wandered into a cool boutique shop selling local crafts and designer bits and pieces. In amongst all the goodies was a packet of reusable wraps.

I was intrigued, fascinated, struck, inspired. Why had I never heard of this brilliant idea? What a fabulous thing. Just like so many people I had recently begun to question my use of single use plastic and had decided it was time to make a change. I had to have some.

Across the next 24,000 miles I discovered more and more reusable wraps, bought them all and became a bit of a geek in the name of market research. As I used them I thought WOW! Amazing. They do exactly what it "Says on the Tin" (ok..packet). They keep fresh food fresher for longer. Wash them then reuse them. Just brilliant. I was hooked.

For the next 9 weeks the idea for Bplasticfree was carefully nurtured, fed (as above) and incubated in the front seat of a camper van. At the end of April 2018 I returned to Scotland and Bplasticfree was born just 48 hours later.

My desire is to make a product which is easily accessible. A reusable wrap which can be manufactured and can enter the mainstream market just like reusable coffee cups.  My mission is that you shouldn't  need to be wealthy to be eco friendly. My 'heid' is full of ideas and I am so excited about the potential.

After a year of hard work and development we have proudly launched our own range of a unique new reusable alertnative for cling film which we have called Waxyz.

Waxyz are printed in Bradford and then wax coated in Scotland.

I hope you like them and will be inspired to make the change away from cling film, just like that wee boutique in Auckland inspired me.

Please feel free to contact me, I'd love to hear what you think.