Frequently asked Questions

How do Waxyz wraps work?

Use the warmth of your hands to mould the Waxyz over a piece of food, bowl, dish, etc. The Waxyz wrap will hold its seal or stick to itself . Waxyz wraps  allow your food to breath. They will keep your cheese, fruit, vegetables, bread, baked goods, herbs, fermented foods such as kombucha, kefir, rising doughs and anything else you want to use them for nice and fresh!

Can I use my Waxyz wrap on all foods?

We don’t recommend you use your WaXYZ wraps with pineapples or raw meat or fish.

What are Waxyz wraps made of?

Our WaXYZ wraps are made of organic cotton coated with a unique blend of food friendly waxes

What Wax is used to make my Waxyz?

The wax is a hydrocarbon wax containing paraffins and microcrystalline waxes, which are by-products of crude oil distillation. These hydrocarbon waxes come from the earth and are natural and non toxic. The FDA has approved our wax for food packaging. The Biodegradable Products Institute has concluded that these waxes are biodegradable.

As long as we use fossil fuels we will produce these byproducts which make their use an environmentally responsible choice. 

Where are Waxyz wraps made?

Waxyz wraps are made from certified organic cotton which is sourced in India, printed in Bradford and wax coated in Dundee in Scotland.

How do I take care of my Waxyz wraps ?

Simply wash your Waxyz wraps with mild washing up liquid and lukewarm water then allow it to dry naturally. You can store your wrap in a drawer or on the counter, we recommend you roll them rather than fold them to reduce the creases. 

Can I put my Waxyz wraps in the microwave?

Waxyz wraps cannot be used in the microwave.

How long will my Waxyz wraps last for?

With a little love WaXYZ wraps will last up to a year or more. 

How do I dispose of my Waxyz wraps?

When your Waxyz wraps comes to an end of their life you Can cut it into pieces and recycle it in your compost where it will breakdown naturally or you can cut it up and use it as a firefighter for your wood burning stove or on your BBQ. 

Do Waxyz wraps smell?

No. Waxyz have no smell

My order hasn't arrived

We do find that even though we send by 1st class Royal Mail some orders can take a little while to reach you. We ask that you give it 2 weeks from the date you received your shipping confirmation email, if you still have not received your packs by then please get in contact and we will get it sorted.