Manufacturing in the UK was an essential part of the Bplasticfree business plan from the outset.

We are delighted to be working with traditional UK businesses where skilled and specialist teams support us with printing and waxing the fabric and producing our eye catching packaging, all in the UK.

As well as benefitting the economy, designing printing and waxing my product in the UK allows for additional unique benefits most importantly the ability to produce short runs in a relatively short timescale for our white label service.


All our Waxyz designs are created in house using a bright and fresh colour palate. 

In our signature Waxyz range there are 4 designs in 4 colours all of which coordinate and compliment our plain red , blue and yellow wraps.

The bathroom range has its own Waxyz wave inspired by the seaside or the black and white tones of our soap.


We could print overseas but we wanted to ensure as much as possible that our product was UK made.

Based in Bradford at Lister Mills, once the world's largest mill , pioneering new technologies is not a first for Haddows who have a long history in improving and changing how things are done in the textile industry.

Digitally printing with the most ecological digital textile printing technology, using pigment inks Waxyz are digitally printed in the UK using eco and vegan friendly inks.

Find out more about this process and Haddows printing in the UK


We are thrilled to work with Halley Stevensons in the production of our unique Waxyz wraps.

Based in Dundee they are the world leading wax coating specialists and innovators and they have supported us on this adventure from the outset. its a fascinating business with a long history and tradition, established over 150 years ago just 3 miles from the home of Waxyz.

Find out more about this process and the history of wax coating cotton in here. The History of Wax Coating 


We cut all our Waxyz by hand and a small dedicated team select, wrap and pack each order individually.

Our Waxyz enveloped are made from Glassine, manufactured in the UK with 100% PEFC Certified Paper.

Glassine is biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Find out more about glassine paper 


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