Size and Pack Information

What size of Waxyz wraps are available?

Currently we have 3 sizes,  a variety of twin packs and a roll in the range.

  • Small Waxyz Wrap  18cm x 25cm

Perfect for half an avocado, a small piece of cheese or to cover a small bowl

  • Medium Waxyz Wrap  24cm x 28cm

Just the right size for cheese, sandwiches and unused vegetables

  • Large Waxyz  Wrap  32cm x 32cm

Cover large casserole dishes, wrap bread or leafy greens 

  • Twin Packs

2 x small
2 x medium
2 x large
1 x small and 1 x medium
1 x medium and 1 x large

  • The Waxyz Roll  25 cm x 145 cm

A unique product you can buy your WaXYZ on a roll and cut it to whatever size suits you.