Using your Waxyz is as simple as wrap, stick and store.

If you haven’t used them before, we have made a few videos to show you how easy it is. Take a look at some of our examples and get creative with your origami pouch for sandwiches and snacks.

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Keep it simple. Just wrap and go. Perfect for sandwiches and packed lunches Waxyz wraps easily stick to themselves to keep your food fresh and cut out single use plastics.

A few folds and hey presto, a pouch envelope for snacks and sandwiches. The kids will love it.

Extra Large wraps are perfect for a loaf of bread. If you have been baking, or just love a fresh loaf, Waxyz wraps are perfect. Because Waxyz are breathable your bread stays soft and yummy, even the cut edge.

Love your Greens? Waxyz wraps keep your veggies fresh for longer.

Who doesn’t love a bit of cheese? If you have any left-over, simply wrap it in your Waxyz and it will stay super tasty and won't go slimy beause Waxyz let your food ‘breathe’. If you like smelly cheese the smell says in too but won’t taint the Waxyz.

We love a bit of plastic free, and what is better than milk in a bottle? Keep it fresh and avoid the spills with a little bit of Waxyz. Waxyz on a roll let you cut just the size you need for the job. This works well with wine bottles too.

Going for a picnic or a walk? Waxyz are ideal for all the food you need, and when you’re done, just fold them up and take them home for next time. What could be easier?

Unlike Beeswax wraps, Waxyz wraps do not need to be refreshed in your oven or the messy iron method. If you look after them by making sure the water isn’t too hot when you wash and giving them a wipe and nice rinse under a cold tap, they should keep going on and on. But if they have come to the end of their life, they make a great firelighters for stoves or BBQ’s.