Waxyz are a simple alternative to cling film and foil, perfect for wrapping sandwiches, cheese, bread, snacks, fruit and veg or just covering leftovers leftovers

Beeswax wraps without the bees; these unique wraps are both eco friendly and vegan friendly and will help keep food fresher for longer, without polluting our planet.

Using waxed cotton to preserve food goes back to the Egyptians and reduces waste as food doesn't 'sweat' as it does if wrapped in plastic.

Our unique reusable food wraps which are designed and made in Scotland, using organic cotton printed in Bradford, Yorkshire.

The waxing process is carried out by Halley Stevensons in Dundee, who are the world's waxed coating specialists, primarily creating waxed outdoor clothing and quality luggage for over 150 years.

Partnering with them to create Waxyz has been an experience of innovation in action – the Scottish tradition of creating waxed cotton being put to a modern use in creating an eco-friendly product to fight plastic pollution


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