Handmade Seascape Soap

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Our beautiful handmade vegan soap has been specially hand made for us by Och Vegan.

Inspired by the beach and the sea this soap is your next seascape adventure. It doesn't matter if you are going to the seaside or not, its citrusy-herbal scent comes in refreshing waves and takes you to the beach in an instant.

Scented with aromatherapy essential oils our bars smell as beautiful as they look. Made with only natural colourings - anti-inflammatory turmeric powder and rich blue indigo powder, this soap is also enriched with vitamin and minerals-packed Kombu Seaweed which acts as a highly nutritious ingredient and provides gentle exfoliation 

Bars each weigh 150g.

Supplied in their own Waxyz wrap you can take you soap with you wherever you go, be that on holiday or the gym.  Just wrap and go, keeping the moisture safely wrapped inside.

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