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Free Small Waxyz for your Soap

Free Small Waxyz

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Now available at the V&A Dundee

Bplasticfree are proud to have two of our Waxyz designs now on sale at the V&A.

Halley Stevensons of Dundee has been innovating Textiles since 1864

Originally waxed cotton was developed by fishermen. Out at sea they would proof old sail clothes with waxes and oils available to them and fashion them into garments to protect them from the elements whilst working in harsh conditions.At the turn of the century Halley Stevensons were a Jute Mill and then diversified into finishing fabrics having received their first patent in waterproofing in 1910.To this day they continue to develop and in 2018, inspired by the plastic pollution crisis and the shift away from single-use plastic, Fife based Bplasticfree bagan working with Halley Stevensons to develop a unique reusable wrap, Waxyz.

Waxyz the Movie

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Waxyz bring freshness to the table

Waxyz wraps cling to seal in all the garden flavour and freshness right up to the perfect moment of serving.

Any salad worth its dressing is worth dressing in Waxyz to preserve its dewy freshness.

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